Waste bin

Wall-mounted waste bin for the kitchen. The stylish solution

Are you looking for a waste bin for the kitchen that both fits into your decor and contributes with functional solutions, so that waste sorting becomes an easy and manageable task? Then you have landed in the right place.

ReCollector designs wall-mounted waste bins that are both simple, stylish and highly functional.

ReCollector waste bins


The space under the sink is often the place dedicated to our waste bin, but with an increasing demand for waste sorting, the need for waste bins also increases - and this means that the otherwise dedicated space becomes too cramped. The waste bins must therefore move out of the kitchen cupboards and take up space on the floor/or wall. This means that a waste bin is no longer something that is hidden away, which is why its appearance also suddenly becomes a relevant part of the kitchen interior.

How a waste bin in the kitchen looks is not the only thing that matters, because it should preferably also be functional, so that it will be as easy as possible to meet the new environmentally conscious and streamlined sorting criteria. That's why design and functionality are the two most important components incorporated into ReCollector's kitchen bins. ReCollector wants to make it easier for all of us to act environmentally conscious, but without compromising on the decor.


A kitchen bin is no longer just a place where we can throw out our rubbish, but an important resource that ensures that we recycle as much valuable material as possible. Therefore, ReCollector has also designed waste bins that can be used to set up an entire waste system in the kitchen.

All of our bins for the kitchen are wall-mounted, which is why they won't fill up on the floor - and the wall-mounted function makes it easy and affordable to create your very own sorting system. They are 12 liters and fit a standard 20 L waste bag, but can be used both with or without a bag.

They also consist of an inner and outer box, for which the inner box can be tilted out by giving the waste bin a light pressure on the bottom. It is also possible to put the inner box in tension so that it remains open when this is necessary. They are also easy and quick to clean; just take them down the kitchen sink and place them under the tap with some water and soap.


ReCollector has also designed waste bins for the kitchen based on the Nordic style, so they can fit into any home. Here, both simplicity, straight lines and muted earth colors are crucial main ingredients, which is why you can give the room a stylish and calm look with one or more of our kitchen waste bins.

It is thus through a functional design and stylish expression that ReCollector has developed a solution for not just a real everyday challenge, but also a solution that is part of a larger, greener agenda, in which waste sorting is made easy and manageable. In this way, we can clearly recycle all the valuable materials that our waste contains.

Functionality as a basic ingredient

A Recollector waste bin consists of an inner and outer box, where the inner box is tilted out with a slight pressure on the bottom. It is therefore not a waste bin with a lid, which also means that you can be sure that it closes completely tightly and thus ensures that the smell remains in the waste bin itself.

The inner box can also be clamped using the rear handle so that it remains open, which makes it easy to get food waste, for example, directly into the box when peeling and cutting.

All waste bins are 12 liters and fit a standard 20 L waste bag, but can be used both with or without a bag. They are easy and quick to clean in the kitchen sink under the tap with soap and water. It is a simple and practical solution to a complex climate problem - and it is a good starting point for an easier, more modern and greener everyday life.